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About Todd Lapidus

todd_executive_coachingIt takes a unique coach to assist in solving tough problems and leading dynamic teams. With 30 years of experience in strategy, operations and sales across a range of industries, Todd Lapidus helps create clear pathways forward for senior leaders.

Todd provides objective, candid support while offering strategic insights to take business to new heights. He works with executives to explore potential ideas, new approaches and practices, and implements those into fully formed results.

Todd helps leaders in three primary areas:

1. Critical and urgent issues requiring strategic decisions.
2. Leading and building trust within and across teams.
3. Closing the gap between brand promise and customer experience.

Coaching can be conducted in-person or by phone, with scheduled and on-demand meetings in 3 to 12 month assignments.

Contact Todd Lapidus today and learn how he can provide support as an Executive Coach to you and your team at 919-403-6144 or by Email

Download “The Future of Executive Coaching” by Todd Lapidus and Kim Payton.