Todd Lapidus

Todd Lapidus

Founder and President

“ The most important dynamic to engage with today is closing the gap between your brand promise and your customer experience. Your future depends upon it.”

• Extraordinary experience in strategy, execution, executive leadership development and service innovation

• Deep experience in brand development, strategy formation, service culture, service innovation, leadership development, operations process improvement, and senior management development

• Functional expertise includes: Brand Operating Standards, Performance Measurement, Service Delivery and Alignment between brand messaging and customer experience

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Underlying Todd’s distinguished international career in strategy, service innovation, vision, mission and brand architecture and process improvement is his deep-seated belief that the structure and processes governing employees—all levels of the corporate ladder—hold the key to maximizing productivity, profitability, and customer retention. With his quick wit, contagious energy, and commonsense approach, Todd has spent 30 years successfully translating this insight into innovative improvements for clients on four continents.

As a co-founder of Richey International, one of the world’s largest customer service support firms, Todd was the first to develop methods for setting objective and concrete customer service measures. His innovative tools and practices for improving operations and management structure are proven to close the gap between a company’s brand promise and its customer experience. Global corporations, such as Accenture, Acura, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Hilton, IGT, Mandarin Oriental, and VIZZION Europe, employ the services of C³.

Recognized as a leader on the cutting edge of his field, Todd has been featured in articles published in Peter Drucker’s Leader to Leader and Tom Peter’s On Achieving Excellence, as well as in The New York Times, London Times, Business Week, and European Hotelier.


Featured Articles:


Service Leaders of the Pack and Suite Success, published in Tom Peters On Achieving Excellence


A Guiding Light, published in People Management


Ensuring Quality Service at All Times, published in Singapore Business Times


Better Services from a Rich Cultural Staff Mix, published in Hotels IHA Report


Survival Skills for Managers, published in Peter Drucker’s Leader to Leader


Trust, Collaboration and Innovation, published in Journal of Change Management

Make Your Property ‘User Friendly’, published in Marketing Review

On the Ball, published in European Hotelier

Investigative Skills to Improve Standards, published in The Singapore Times Saturday Review

Simple Secrets of Asking the Right Questions, published in Bottom Line Business

Lap of Luxury, published in Blue Sky Team Strategies to Boost Your Bottom Line


Private White Papers:


Infrastructure – Process and Results

The Three Biggest Mistakes Made By Revenue Managers

Changing Unproductive Habits

Numbers Do Lie

The Future of Executive Coaching

Transfer of Implicit and Explicit knowledge in Luxury Environments

When you Speak, it Matters

High Potential = High Maintenance

Worlds Apart – Aligning Company Strategy and Talent


Featured Speeches:


Optimizing Customer Value to Sustain Business Growth, for Asia Pacific Service & Quality Conference, Singapore, sponsored by Singapore Airlines


High Impact Learning, for Charter Institute for Personnel Development, London, United Kingdom


Transformational Service Management, for The Service Quality Center of Singapore


Capturing The Full and Conscious Commitment of Your Team, for Singapore SQ Centre and The International Herald Tribune


How To Measure & Improve Customer Satisfaction in the Hospitality Industry, for International Quality & Productivity Center, San Francisco, CA


Building Trust in your Brand, for Acura Dealership and Brand Managers, La Costa, CA


Key Note Presentations:


Building Trust

The Awesome Power of Good Questions

The Limits of Service

Structure, Process and Results

Service Hierarchy

Trust, Innovation and Collaboration

Management is Not the Same as Leadership



Tom Clancy







“A long-lasting business process is one that is developed by looking at all the elements together—process, information systems, structure, and culture.”

• 22 years of experience in business process management and strategy development and implementation

• Deep experience in business architecture and strategy formation and evaluation

• Functional expertise includes: process mapping, process analysis and gathering detailing of business requirements

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Tom Clancy is a solutions accelerator. He brings 22 years of Fortune 500-company experience to business process design/business architecture to develop matched solution sets that have significant impact on an organization. Working in collaboration with C³’s clients, he finds long-lasting results by focusing on both the functional and technical aspects of the problem.

Tom has worked extensively in both the pharmaceutical and international consulting fields, including 8 years as a lead for the business architecture practice of Accenture, where his team led a $1 billion cost reduction in Accenture’s general and administrative costs through a guided cross-functional international effort that generated savings through improved internal efficiencies.

At Baxter International, Tom was responsible for the delivery of the first “Just-In-Time” medical supply order-processing system. In 1997 CIO Magazine listed this system as one of the 12 most influential systems of the past decade.


Wendy Garling






“Clearly written, strategically focused communications are essential for the successful execution of improvement models.”

• 25 years as a writer, editor and project manager of both internal and external executive communications

• Deep experience writing about corporate culture, vision, mission, values and strategic change

• Functional expertise includes strategic planning, managing corporate communications and communication projects, writing, editing and web support

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Wendy Garling tunes in quickly to her client’s unique corporate culture and voice, creating customized, on-target, on-brand communications that focus precisely on the business goal. Experienced as a corporate consultant, editor, writer and project manager, she is adept at turning complex challenges into streamlined processes with successful, on-time outcomes.

Working with C³ for Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Wendy helped shape, write and edit the internal executive communication supporting the company’s three-year strategic plan, followed by several years of on-site consulting, further communications and web support for Hilton. Additional hotel clients with C³ include Mandarin Oriental Hotels & Resorts, Waldorf Astoria and Fontainebleau, Miami Beach. For the consulting firm Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Wendy managed, edited and wrote executive-level intranet communications. In 1996 she developed, managed and edited the definitive 400-page corporate Group Underwriting and Product Guide for Prudential Insurance Company of America. For Georgia Pacific, she co-designed and developed marketing materials, and in the health care arena she has had numerous clients for whom she has written articles, developed marketing materials, and edited newsletters. Recently Wendy has written business profiles for the Palladium Group’s Balanced Scorecard Report, published in association with Harvard Business Publishing.


Kim Payton, Ph.D.







“Winning teams act as if they are one body. Leadership teams, in their peak moments, appear to function as one mind.”

• 27 years of experience in strategic planning and implementation

• Deep experience in guiding leadership in unique cultural public/private partnerships

• Functional expertise includes: senior leadership and Board of Directors coordination, leadership competencies, and organizational development

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As an organizational psychologist, Kim Payton has been passionately engaged for 27 years in helping organizations make the most of their human capital. Advocating an environment where people can “feel themselves getting better everyday” and understand their connection to the mission and values of the organization, Kim notes that individuals naturally seek a “sense of dignified self that will bring out the highest qualities.”

Kim has conducted extensive research into intercultural communication at the East West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. There he developed the key insights that people from different cultures live in different experiential worlds; and, that the process of learning about other cultures is a predictable pattern. He successfully applies these principles to business culture, coaching executives and enabling their teams to craft strategies and implementations that align organizational cultures with successful business strategies.

Kim is a board-certified, licensed industrial organizational psychologist. He brings to C³ organizational development expertise to help companies intentionally evolve.


Robert Levers








“For me, good design reflects an understanding of the big picture. Aligning the target audience with smart visuals and words ensures that a project does its job successfully.”

• 25 years of experience in corporate identity and collateral material design

• Deep experience in brand development, creative design and identity formation

• Functional expertise includes: print and television campaigns for major universities and the hospitality, financial, and high-tech high industries

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For over 25 years, Robert Levers has delivered proven solutions to clients on projects that span corporate identity and collateral material design to print and television advertising.

Robert’s clients have ranged from high-tech and medical-device companies to academic and financial institutions and the hospitality industry. As an art director at Della Femina Direct, he worked on direct response campaigns for Digital Equipment Corporation, the Boston Symphony, Mount Snow, and BMW North America, winning awards from the International Advertising Festival of New York and the Direct Marketing Association for his efforts.

In Lima, Perú, Robert was the creative director of the J. Walter Thompson office, where he helped create memorable print and television campaigns for Warner Lambert, IBM, Nestlé, and Cusqueña beer. Since then, his expertise has been sought on projects for Harvard University, Siemens, Fidelity Investments, and the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative.

Robert ably applies the knowledge and experience he has gained from working across fields to create new opportunities for the companies that have engaged his services.


Matt Cohen, Ph.D.








“Change the story, change the possibilities.”

• 8 years of experience in communications concept design

• Deep experience in impact of communications on understanding, performance, and culture

• Functional expertise includes: communications technology and its impact on understanding, culture and possibilities for action.

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Language is the place where we both imagine and realize the world, Matt Cohen believes. As a professor of American Literature and a professional editor, he works to bring clarity and even surprise to all kinds of writing. “Words, phrases, and linguistic structures are paths,” Matt believes, “both to learning to live in the world and to the creation of new cultures. Our words are doing good work for us when they startle and shine.”

Jargon is no less common in the business world than in the academy, and it saps our intellectual strength. Matt cultivates a big-thinking but conversational way of writing and speaking, whether it’s in a business document he’s working on, in his two books and many articles about communications history, or in his university classroom. He brings C³ expertise in editing, adult education, and comparative cultures of communication to enhance concept design and sharpen written and visual communications.

Matt holds a PhD in American Studies from the College of William and Mary and has taught at Duke University and the University of Texas-Austin. His research includes Indigenous Studies and Native American systems of representation and sovereignty issues. His work has been funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Huntington Library, and the American Council of Learned Societies.


Leslie Rubin







“Communication must be clear and complete as well as relevant, precise, and concise—in other words, as long as necessary but as short as possible.”

• 24 years of experience in the information, software, and publishing industries

• Deep experience in information architecture and retrieval, usability enhancement, and training

• Functional expertise includes editorial support to subject matter experts and content management and retrieval

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Leslie Rubin has a keen appreciation for client and user satisfaction and delivers information solutions as a team player at innovative corporations. She provides these solutions in her roles as editor, indexer, trainer, and project leader.
Leslie developed and delivered training for Globe Information Services (a division of Canada’s The Globe and Mail) and for Algorithmics Inc, Information Builders Inc, and Data Conversion Labs (three leading technology companies). She also provided documentation services at all four companies, including leading various efforts related to compliance requirements and information content and retrieval management. More recently, she provides editorial support and information retrieval services for a variety of organizations including Project Hope (publisher of Health Affairs), several academic presses (including Stanford University Press), and businesses (including UMI Inc. and