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“Strangled by Boundaries” at the Huffington Post

Little has been explored or published about what happens to service providers who are asked to segregate their attention and efforts based upon a hierarchy of customer importance. How does your company address this issue?

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“When ‘No Problem’ Is a Problem” at the Huffington Post

You should be alarmed by what is being said and by what passes as customer service. The ability to speak in a way that matters and inspires is at the core of brand leadership.

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“Speaking Matters: Language Impacts Your Future” at the Huffington Post

Every time we speak, we make a difference — sometimes a negative one. In business, if we fail to make our language powerful and effective, our future is limited.

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A Customer-Focused Structure Leads to Success at Up! Your Service

A great service culture is always a product of a whole architecture that includes education, service processes and structures that support customer-focused behavior.


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Featured Articles, Speeches, Key Note Presentations and Private White Papers

Featured Articles:


Service Leaders of the Pack and Suite Success, published in Tom Peters On Achieving Excellence


A Guiding Light, published in People Management


Ensuring Quality Service at All Times, published in Singapore Business Times


Better Services from a Rich Cultural Staff Mix, published in Hotels IHA Report


Survival Skills for Managers, published in Peter Drucker’s Leader to Leader


Trust, Collaboration and Innovation, published in Journal of Change Management

Make Your Property ‘User Friendly’, published in Marketing Review

On the Ball, published in European Hotelier

Investigative Skills to Improve Standards, published in The Singapore Times Saturday Review

Simple Secrets of Asking the Right Questions, published in Bottom Line Business

Lap of Luxury, published in Blue Sky Team Strategies to Boost Your Bottom Line


Private White Papers:


Infrastructure – Process and Results

The Three Biggest Mistakes Made By Revenue Managers

Changing Unproductive Habits

Numbers Do Lie

The Future of Executive Coaching

Transfer of Implicit and Explicit knowledge in Luxury Environments

When you Speak, it Matters

High Potential = High Maintenance

Worlds Apart – Aligning Company Strategy and Talent


Featured Speeches:


Optimizing Customer Value to Sustain Business Growth, for Asia Pacific Service & Quality Conference, Singapore, sponsored by Singapore Airlines


High Impact Learning, for Charter Institute for Personnel Development, London, United Kingdom


Transformational Service Management, for The Service Quality Center of Singapore


Capturing The Full and Conscious Commitment of Your Team, for Singapore SQ Centre and The International Herald Tribune


How To Measure & Improve Customer Satisfaction in the Hospitality Industry, for International Quality & Productivity Center, San Francisco, CA


Building Trust in your Brand, for Acura Dealership and Brand Managers, La Costa, CA


Key Note Presentations:


Building Trust

The Awesome Power of Good Questions

The Limits of Service

Structure, Process and Results

Service Hierarchy

Trust, Innovation and Collaboration

Management is Not the Same as Leadership

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