Service Innovation

When your brand is unique, your customers know it, even if they can’t clearly articulate it. It’s critical for your service delivery to meet their expectations and to consistently improve over time. C³ helps our clients build breakthrough service innovations that directly add to brand equity.

C³’s Service Hierarchy™ is a dynamic thinking model for creating service strategies in alignment with your brand promise and business model. The Service Hierarchy functions through four distinct levels, beginning at the bottom with Fundamentals. The Service Hierarchy helps you make the right choices for your business model by providing clear objectives for decision making about service strategies.


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 Brand Support

The most important dynamic to engage with today is closing the gap between your brand promise and your customer experience. Your future depends upon it.

With more than 30 years of experience in Brand Support, we collaborate with clients in three areas:

1. Closing the gap between what your brand promises and what your customers receive.

2. The birth of new brands.

3. The revitalization of existing brands.

We bring deep experience in brand development, strategy formation, service culture, service innovation, service standards, operations process improvement, and senior management development.

Our functional expertise includes service innovation strategy, brand operating standards, performance measurement, service management, service delivery, and alignment between brand messaging and customer experience.

Executive Coaching

It takes a unique coach to assist in solving tough problems and leading dynamic teams. With 30 years of experience in strategy, operations and sales across a range of industries, Todd Lapidus helps create clear pathways forward for senior leaders.

Todd provides objective, candid support while offering strategic insights to take business to new heights. He works with executives to explore potential ideas, new approaches and practices, and implements those into fully formed results.

Todd helps executives in five primary areas:

1. Critical and urgent issues requiring strategic decisions.
2. Identifying and resolving blind spots.
3. Handling change of roles within leadership.
4. Leading and building trust within and across teams.
5. Improving process and structural alignments.

Coaching can be conducted in-person or by phone, with scheduled and on-demand meetings in 3 to 12 month assignments.

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Watch the video “Have you built enough trust to lead in loose environments?” by Todd Lapidus. You can also download “The Future of Executive Coaching” by Todd Lapidus and Kim Payton.